Dynamic Balancing Service

Every balancing Job at Ruby Electric is balanced according to ISO (International Standards Organization) standards for your specific part, to ensure that the project will be done to your specific needs. Each project will come with a full detailed report showing you the original unbalance, the ISO minimum standard balance, and the final unbalance of your specific piece.

Ruby Electric offers a full range of balancing capabilities ranging from small as small as 20 LBS and 16” all the way up to 3000 LBS and 63”. We will do everything from single pieces to batch balancing. Our machine is speed variable, and many times we can balance your piece at its actual running speed to get as close to actual usage conditions as possible.


Having a well-balanced piece of equipment will eliminate noise, and elongate overall usage time and lifespan. Proper balancing will also lead to a smoother and cost effective operation. Proper balancing will reduce bearing stress and increase lifetime and efficiency. A balanced properly balanced piece of equipment will lead to longer product life with less down time.


  • Full service computerized dynamic balancing
  • Up to 3,000 LBS.
  • 63” swing
  • Balancing Quality grade: anywhere from G4 000 to GO.4
  • Single plan, dual plane, and overhung balancing
  • Add or remove weight per customer request